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Learn the fundamentals of PHP programming. Build dynamic, database-driven Web sites. Lots of ready-to-use code for incorporation into your own Web site! In the fast-paced environment of Web development, developers are always looking for that special edge that can put them ahead of the competition. In recent years, PHP bas stepped to the forefront as the tool of choice for those wishing to build faster, robust and more scalable Web applications at a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies. W-J Gilmore's A Programmers Introduction to PHP 4.0 is a comprehensive guide to the latest version of this popular open-source scripting language and the many roles it can play in Web application development. A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0 addresses experienced programmers and Web developers - no matter what language they are familiar with. The book begins with a rapid introduction to PHP's syntax and basic functionality, allowing readers to easily gain a general understanding of the language. The book then moves onto advanced issues like PHP's role in database manipulation, sessions and user-interactivity. The book also examines how PHP can work with XML, Javascript and the Component Object Model (COM). Gilmore fills the book with practical examples in addition to several projects that can be immediately incorporated into any Web site. A Programmers Introduction to PHP 4.0 shows how to make the most of PHP's mighty capabilities and is invaluable to professional Web developers, regardless of their current level of PHP knowledge.
ISBN 9781893115859
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This tutorial is an introduction for programmers that might not be familiar with modern PHP. At the simplest level we can run a PHP script by starting a web server. php -S localhost:8000

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