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This prestigious book, like a fine wine polished by time and accumulated experience, is part dreamand part emotion. A veritable invitation to awaken the senses, it distinguishes the giver as muchas the person who receives it.1845: First English edition of Charles Cocks' book.1850: First French edition. In 1868, Bordeaux and its Wines becomes a reference work which comes under the direction of Édouard Féret. With time, users baptize the book the "Féret".2004: A practically perfect comprehensiveness, an extensive updating (more than 200,000 changes among the half-million details of the last English edition) and an enlarged scope of the information presented make this work indispensable for understanding the Bordeaux vineyard.More than 50 researchers have edited the pages on basic knowledge to give the reader indispensable information necessary to understand Bordeaux wine. Professionals, researchers, engineers, professors, recognized and established specialists in each of the fields discussed have written chapters about the history of the vineyard, the grape varieties, vine pests and illnesses, vinification, barrel-aging, the art of choosing, drinking and storing Bordeaux wine, professional organizations, wine and health, vintages, etc. Each appellation is presented with an overview of its principal characteristics and production figures, as well as any pertinent classifications that apply. Thus the reader can look at the entire Bordeaux vineyard scene with all the necessary information: from the most modest to the most grand, from the most prestigious to the least known, here is an incomparable vision of Bordeaux's production. Bordeaux and Its Wines is a basic tool for the wine professional, an indispensable guide forthe amateur, meeting the most varied needs and answering the most diverse questions. Whatever the status of the reader, specific answers will be found here: a search for a particular wine, an address, the existence of a property, its history, its reputation, its official classification, the evolution of its production. Three main indexes enable easy access to the information sought:- branded wines and château names (almost 15,000 entries)- directors, owners and managers (more than 15,000 entries)- winemaking communes (more than 500 entries)These are the three essential keys to the discovery of:- more than 7,400 growths (over 1,800 of which are described and illustrated in detail)- more than 190 négociant houses.
ISBN 9782902416950
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The wines of Bordeaux are not labeled and sold by varietal but by terroir. To the Bordelais knowing where the grapes were grown is more important than knowing what grapes were grown. Case in point, the terms "left bank" and "right bank" are used liberally to refer to which side of the river, Gironde, and its tributaries the Garonne and Dordogne, the grapes are grown.

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Bordeaux Wine. 2016 Château Fonroque: This wine from Saint-Émilion consists of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Grown on the right bank in clay and limestone soils, the wine presents itself as rather austere when first opened but opens up to a beautiful example of the region with some time.

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