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As the only stable baryon, the nucleon is of crucial importance in particle physics. Since the nucleon is a building block for all atomic nuclei, we need to analyse the nucleon's structure in order to fully understand the essential properties of all atomic nuclei. After more than forty years of research on the nucleon, both the experimental and theoretical situations have matured to the point where a synthesis of the results is indispensable. With this book, A. W. Thomas (University of Adelaide, Australia) and W. Weise (Technical University of Munich, Germany) give a unique report on the extensive empirical studies, theoretical foundations and the different models of the nucleon. The appendices provide an extensive summary of formulae needed in practical calculations. From the contents: electromagnetic structure of the nucleon, weak probes of nucleon structure, deep inelastic lepton scattering on the nucleon; elements of QCD, aspects of non-perturbative QCD, Chiral Symmetry and nucleon structure, models of the nucleon.
ISBN 9783527402977
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Structure of the Nucleon and its Excitations - NASA/ADS

Since nucleon structure is nonperturbative, calculations based solely on first principles of QCD are difficult. These features make the nucleon spin structure an active and challenging field of study. There are several excellent previous reviews which discuss the high-energy aspects of proton spin dynamics [4-10]. This review will also cover ...

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The Structure of the Nucleon book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. As the only stable baryon, the nucleon is of crucial importan...

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